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Writing Portfolio

Look, I get it. Blogs aren't always the easiest to navigate and the titles of the posts don't always convey what they're about, so you're unsure if you want to go through the effort of digging around. That's what this page is for.  It's to steer you towards samples of different styles I've tried my hand at. This way you know if you like my writing or if you just like my action scenes or if you'd rather do something else with your precious time. I will, however, ask you to keep a bit of an open mind. Mostly because, with the exception of a couple pieces, everything I post is a FIRST draft. So there will be plenty of typos and grammar issues. Completed Works:

The 91 (autobiographical fiction) 1,100 words

Amicus Curiae (high fantasy action-adventure) 15,600 words

Of Lilacs and Hookah Smoke (YA Fiction) 20,200 words


Another Episode (existential interlude) 550words

Carmel By the Sea (intrigue/thriller intro) 2,200 words

Fenix vs Talon (high fantasy fight scene) 2,200 words