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  Exactly What It Says On The Tin

While I definitely enjoy hearing myself speak, explaining things to other people, and rewording responses, it can certainly lose its novelty. Here are the answers to most of the questions people typically send in my direction. Don't get me wrong, if someone takes the time to e-mail me a question, even one of these, I will certainly take the time to respond, just know that if it's listed here, I'm liable to punch you through the internet right after.

Q. I'm new here, what is this, and where should I go?

A. Greetings, true believers and newcomers alike. This is my personal website, loaded with all manner of nonsense but mostly just samples of my writing. I suggest you finish reading this FAQ and then click on “Blog” link where you'll be taken to the actual journal part of this site. Once there, feel free to dig around the posts or, if you’re short on time check out my "Portfolio" to get your feet wet and then feel free to dive in. Be forewarned that most of what's on here is unfinished work. So if you can't handle only getting half a story, you might just want to wait before you read. Or just stick to reading "Of Lilacs and Hookah Smoke".

Q. Hey, C.F. Barron, did you notice the typo/error/split infinitive/dangling participle/ unnecessary comma in your story?

A. Yes, I did. Believe me, I'm probably more aware of it than you are, but I'm not going back to change it. The reason being, everything I post on here is a first draft and I want it to stay that way. I write in manic spurts of creativity and wake up covered in sweat, pudding, and the cerebral spinal fluid of no less than three pandas. From there I immediately post to the site, and leave as is, without so much as a read through. Otherwise my inner perfectionist takes over and I ruminate on what I wrote for months before so much as letting my cats see it.

Q. When is the next chapter/section of "insert story here" coming out?

A. As soon as the story starts talking to me again and I actually have the time to work on it. Unfortunately, between work, school, and familial responsibilities I rarely have the time necessary to get some real writing done or am so drained that writing becomes next to impossible. I promise that no story on here has been abandoned, although some of them aren't very high on my priority list. If I do get enough fan request, though, I'll be sure to churn out the next installment as expeditiously as possible. Also know that if a story is ever dropped or abandoned, I will post a detailed outline of what would have happened so no one goes through a Firefly Shock.

Update: I have since lost all interest in continuing the story titled "Life's Soundtrack". The story would have followed the unnamed narrator as he went through school and met the love of his life who simply did not feel the same way. It would have been a coming of age tale, including all the major "firsts" that come with that type of story: cigarette, beer, sexual encounter etc. Well read and well versed in music, he was all set to follow his sweetheart to university but after a final rejection decides to work at the local factory and pursue college later. He takes up smoking, never goes back to school (which alienates him from his family) and ultimately develops cancer. He gets mugged/assaulted after getting boozy in a bar, winding up in the hospital where the nurse lends him her old laptop to write and he ultimately asks the reader to tell other people about him/learn from his mistakes. (cheery, I know)

Q. What's the deal with your Facebook Fan Page?

A. To be honest it started off as a self deprecating  joke/homage to Chuck Norris and The Most Interesting Man In The World. It eventually became an outlet for me to quote interesting people and after a time I just stopped paying much attention to it. I keep it there as a means for people to contact me more than anything, and I intend to eventually link it to the blog in some manner or another, but for now it's a fun time capsule of sillier days.

Q. Wait, I can't tell which post belongs to which story, can you help me out?

A. Sure thing. The simple way of keeping track is the titles. If there's a colon after it, then it's part of a larger narrative. No colon means it's probably a stand alone story. The main story lines on this site are:

 Season of Darkness (a retelling of the D&D campaign from which it gets its name and which I was a part of)
Mercurial Chronicles (the reboot of the Season of Darkness storyline-I left the campaign and decided to revamp the story)
 Frequency (a sci fi story about revenge and trauma),

 Onyx (a modern fantasy tale about a kid learning he's psychic)
 The Light (an action adventure about four superpowered highschool freshman named after arc angels)
 A Dance of Death (an affectionate parody of the horror genre that explores the manic nature of creativity)
Fenix Rising (an action adventure in an original fantasy setting, complete with its own magic system. woot!)
The Songster's Tale (these are one off stories that involve on of my favorite characters to ever start talking to me. they follow him as he tries to get back to his own world)

Carmel By the Sea (a romantic thriller of sorts that examines how easy it is to fall in love with pixels)
and Running Errands (which is literally about stuff I think about while doing mundane things)

Q. Can you write about "insert subject here" or Can you write more"insert genre here"?
A. Yes, and no. If you desperately need me to write something, feel free to contact me and we can discuss commissioned work. If you just want to see more of a particular style or want to see me tackle a genre, you are welcomed to suggest it, but don't expect me to automatically write it up. Not to be mean about it, but ideas are easy to come by and I probably have a half a dozen floating around at any given time, so unless your suggestion is completely "mind-blowing" or tailored to my specific interests, it might be a while before I scribble something about it.

Q. Could you take a look at my writing for me?

A. I will gladly take a glance at it, and if I feel I can work with you on it, we can discuss editing prices. Unless I'm absolutely in love with your work, I won't be giving any freebies, doubly so if you want me to look at an essay or school paper.