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The Light (Outline)

So I skipped a few days of writing. I didn’t miss them, or necessarily fail to write, I just took some mental health days. The week had caught up with me and I’ll leave it at that. As an update to my last post, my Mom is doing well. Her surgery went as best as possible and she skipped a lot of the scary recovery stuff the doctors had forewarned us about. On another note, RTB will still continue but I’m not in the mood or arguably the head space to continue that story today so I’m going to try something a little different than the usual.

Now as we all know, I’ve got a bunch of unfinished stories on here, some as much as fifteen years old, and I think it’s time I start putting a few to rest. This doesn’t mean I won’t one day get around to actually writing them, just that I’m officially putting them on an indefinite hiatus and for the sake of those still interested in the story, I’m laying out the plot so you’re not left completely hanging. Today I’m outlining “The Light”, which I started writing circa 2008. Heavily influenced by Death Note, Supernatural, my Catholic upbringing, and inspired by the fact that nowadays if someone has the name of an archangel they’re usually of a Hispanic background, I came up with the idea of this story. I never intended for it to be all that long, but had a good sense of an over arcing plot, enjoy.

The story opens with a graduation ceremony and we’re given glimpses of a young boy observing it from a hill nearby. He starts actively manipulating the air around him to create storm clouds, he’s preparing himself for something. The crowd at the ceremony starts getting nervous about the impending rain, and we peer into the mind of the school’s principal. He’s a narcissist and a bigot, and he’s eager to feel the sense of importance that comes with giving a speech for the ceremony. As soon as he steps up to the podium, a bolt of lightning sears its way through his skull, killing him instantly. Back on the hill we see the young boy, proud of his work, and still marveling at how much electricity he had just channeled.

We’re then properly introduce to our heroes. Gabriel Gálvez, Raphael Hurtado, Uriel Mendoza, and Miguel Seifer. All close friends from a young age, the four of them have recently taken to using their supernatural abilities to pass judgement on people they know to be evil or malicious. At present, Rafa and Uriel are chewing Gabe out for the apparent callousness with which he exacted justice on a local principal. He shoots back that their abilities are a lot more subtle than his but neither of them has the stomach for the job, so he does the best he can with what he’s got. It’s then that their leader, Miguel, makes a flashy entrance and delivers big news. The world will end in three days, and as freshly appointed generals in Heaven’s army, it’s their job to make sure it happens.

Gabriel is skeptical but listens to Miguel explain the vision he had received. The four of them were chosen, before humanity itself was born, to fight in the upcoming battle. Their names are no coincidence, they’re meant to ascend into full fledged angels to ensure that Heaven’s armies win. The four of them against the four horsemen. All accounts of angels have been wrong in that the names are titles and not the same angel. Now it’s their turn to assume the mantles of their namesakes and to do this, they each have to find a relic associated with their angel.

The Horn of Gabriel, said to summon help no matter where the user is located is currently held in a museum. The Staff of Raphael was leant to Moses and went missing soon after. The Book of Life, held by Uriel who passes judgment, is hidden within the confines of the library of congress along with a number of other supernatural items the u.s. government cannot understand. The sword of Michael is currently being held by The Lady of the Lake, it was once known as Excalibur.

They’ll never be able to retrieve all the relics in time, but Miguel has been given instructions to make sure time is not their enemy. He gives them each a prayer and a location, telling them faith is the key to make the prayer work, but the locations given are places where the veil is thin and will make it easier for them to reach their target relic, be it in the past or just a thousand miles away. They agree to meet back here in two days, with their relics in hand for their ascension.

Before leaving, Miguel pulls Gabe aside and gives him another assignment, in addition to fetching the horn. There’s a girl, roughly their age, who goes by Lucy. She’s the biggest threat to their forces, and needs to be taken care of before the war starts. It’s an important job, and one he can only entrust to Gabe. Gabriel accepts it, reluctantly, but begins his search for Lucy while the others begin their quests to find their relics.

In addition to having dominion over the weather and climate, Gabe can find anyone as long as he has a name and the emotion attached to that name. To his great surprise, Lucy actually goes to their school. The moment he sees her, something feels wrong about his mission. He can’t shake it, how can someone so bright be capable of helping the darkness? He decides to watch her for the next day or two, he’s got time before she turns. At the first sign of evil, he won’t hesitate.

He follows her for the remainder of the day, bearing witness to a number of acts of kindness on her behalf. While following her home, he loses her, only to have her sneak up on him and confront him for being a creep. He panics, and says he thinks she’s in danger, but can’t explain why. She doesn’t know why, but she feels like she can trust him. She says she’s seen him in her dreams lately. Well, her nightmares. He asks her to elaborate and they’re attacked by hell hounds.

We catch up with Uriel as he breaks into the library of congress and begins his search for the book. His ability to read minds and bend light make infiltrating easy. He finds a number of biblical relics, many fake, as well as the book. The words on the pages phase in and out, shifting and changing constantly. It’s only by quieting his mind that he can begin to actually read the words. He concludes that he has time, so he starts reading.

Meanwhile, Raphael is stuck trying to climb Mt. Sinai. The staff will be hidden on the mountain top. He knows this without knowing it. But this climb is a bitch! A boulder becomes dislodged from up above. He sees it in time to smash through it, but if he’d been slightly less alert, he’d have died. He continues the climb, wary of whatever awaits him at the top.

Back with Gabe and Lucy, after having been chased through the nearby woods, they’re split up. Gabe attempts to electricute the beasts but it’s ineffective. A pair of hounds lunge at him, only to be reduced to ash by Lucy, now channeling light from her hands. Gabe can’t complete his mission. She just saved his life, maybe he could keep her from falling? He tells her everything.

Uriel finishes reading a passage. Re-reads it. Stifles a scream, and then starts running. He has to let the others know! In his rush, he gets caught by the guards. In a moment of desperation he reaches into their minds and forces them to relive their greatest trauma. He’s disgusted with himself, but begins the process to get home.

Raphael reaches the summit and finds the staff in splinters, an old man sitting nearby. After a test of resolve, in which Raphael is forced to experience the death of all his loved ones, he is found worthy of the staff, which is revealed to have never been broken. He uses it to get home.

Gabe, Lucy, and Raphael all arrive at the meeting place early. Gabe defends Lucy’s presence, and explains how she helped him get the horn. Miguel arrives, and upon seeing Lucy, stabs her through the chest with a sword of flame. While Gabe and Raph try to keep her from dying, Miguel grabs their relics and sprouts wings of flames before flying away. Uriel arrives on the scene and immediately begins channeling the power of the book into Raphael so he can heal Lucy.

Uriel reveals that the book listed Miguel’s full name as Lucas Miguel Seifer. Lucas Seifer… Lucifer, they were getting played from the beginning. As Raph finishes healing Lucy, Uriel calls her by her full name as well: Michaela de la Luz. The real leader of heaven’s armies. A red meteor cuts the sky in half and the world takes on a bloody hue. The end is starting, only Uriel can ascend, and with Lucifer wielding Excalibur, ascending wouldn’t guarantee anything. They’re only hope is something more powerful than the sword…The Spear of Destiny. The four leave the city as demons from hell begin to rise from the depths. The war has started and Heaven is down its generals.

The Rapture occurs, removing the benevolent and the evil from the face of the planet. In the coming weeks, those who weren’t taken are left to fend for themselves on Earth but find they have been given special abilities as a means of survival. Hell is fusing with Earth, the abilities are meant to help people survive long enough to cultivate the good in their hearts or submit to their baser natures. Meanwhile the search for the spear continues. Michaela isn’t quite up to her full power yet, but she consistently portrays the kind of behavior that befits a leader.

They finally find the spear in Germany and use its power to ascend into full fledged angels. They turn the tide of the war, ultimately leading to a showdown between Michaela with the spear and Lucifer with the sword. Their battle shakes the world, until at last she defeats him. (I had planned four different endings for this, leaving it up to the reader to decide how it ended)

Ending 1: She kills Lucifer with the spear, sealing his armies into his corpse and ushering in Heaven on Earth

Ending 2. She spares Lucifer, sealing him and his armies away, and allowing the world to start over. She fuses the sword and spear into a glaive and buries it, in case a new Michael ever needs it.

Ending 3. Using the power of the spear, she strips Lucifer of all his power, and uses it to restore the earth to the way it was before the end started. Lucifer is forced to live the rest of his life as a mortal and our heroes get to choose to ascend or live out the rest of their lives as mortals too.

Ending 4: Using the power of the spear, she destroys all the forces of hell and disappears in a flash of white light. The spear and sword remain, now broken, but there’s no sign of Lucifer or Michaela. The world is left to rebuild. In another dimension, a singular consciousness proclaims “I am Michaela” and generates a Big Bang, creating a new universe. (obvious Akira reference is obvious)

Carlos Barron