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It Comes and Goes In Waves

Hey everybody, Just wanted to touch bases with you all. Three months is a good chunk of time and a lot has happened since my last post.

The Cliff Notes, in no particular order:

I got promoted. 

The Artificer's Guild, aka the painting guild I started, quadrupled in size. 

I sent the second draft of a novel out to a small army of readers.

I quit DMing.*

I stopped accepting commissions.*

I stopped writing*

The asterisks should tell you that there's a caveat...and there is.

While I no longer have any desire to run a regular campaign, my job will technically be paying me to run the occasional game of D&D, and I'm always willing to run a one-shot for new players.

If you really want to pay me to paint something for you, I will. But prices are no longer negotiable, and unless I specifically ask, I have no interest in your thoughts regarding color scheme. I am the artist. You are paying me because I have a set of skills that you lack, not the least of which is a sense of artistic vision- so no, I don't care if you want the miniature to have red OSL. If it tells me it wants a frost effect instead, it's getting a frost effect.

All my fiction is on hiatus until I get more feedback from people regarding what I currently have floating around, namely my second draft. I don't want to continue expending effort on these stories if ultimately no one likes them all that much. Not to mention, it's incredibly discouraging when I spend hours writing and revising a piece and get the one bit of feedback, but a miniature that I hastily airbrushed gets dozens of likes and comments.

Hmm, there's actually a great deal more I would love to talk about in this post; personal matters and the like. But I'm afraid this is no longer the proper outlet for such venting of frustrations. Suffice to say that I am coping as best as possible, and hoping that things take a turn for the better soon.