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Days 13-18: Blood Bowl Blitz

I know, I know, if you've been following along you'll have noticed that I broke the rules by not posting every day. BUT I'm invoking extenuating circumstances here. I was commissioned to paint a team and was then challenged to complete it in five days. So I avoided the added pressure of taking tons of pictures and updating this site and Facebook with the status of the challenge these last few days because I really wanted to focus on the work.

Still, life had other plans, as it so often does. A strain of plague is making its way around my place of work, and my co-workers have all been dropping like flies as a result. Suffice to say I got called in to work longer hours on two of the five days I was painting this team up so I lost a lot of time.

Ultimately, I failed. Even though I lost a lot of sleep, and discovered the magic of an Undertow at Starbucks, I couldn't make up for the lost time. It doesn't sit well with me, but I do have the consoling bit of information that if my work schedule had remained the same, I would have succeeded.

My client was more than okay with waiting another week or so to get his team, as he originally expected it to take a lot longer anyway. So there is no harm or foul, just the frustration of not meeting my own expectations...and losing A LOT of sleep over it. A LOT of sleep... I took a fifteen-hour nap when I got home yesterday.

So yea, quite the learning experience.  Eventually, I'll post pictures of the completed team, but for now, you'll have to make do with these few I took of the process.