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Day 6: Playing With Fire (in a manner of speaking)

Hey everyone, I bought a fire elemental the other day and decided to give painting flame a go. I haven't had much experience painting fire, and it usually doesn't end well for me, but I think I nearly hit the mark this time. All apologies for my terrible photos. The macro lens can only do so much with my crappy camera phone. At some point, I'll be upgrading my phone, but until then, we'll all just have to bear with middle quality photography.

I nearly forgot to take a before picture! Fortunately, I caught myself as I was laying down the base coat. As you can see, I used a white primer for this. The reason for this was two fold. One, priming with anything else would have brought down the vibrancy and the temperature of the yellow; and two, I wanted to try out the Corax White Primer by Citadel. I hate to admit it, because I've always espoused that paint is paint and primer is primer, but this was heads and shoulders better than any other primer I've used so far. Coverage was great, it dried incredibly fast, and no details were lost- on a rainy day folks!Needless to say, I am officially sold on Citadel spray primers. This is great news for my hobby store because the cans might as well be made of gold at $17 a pop.

Anyway, here's the end result.

My blending still needs some work, but I think I'm getting there. Started from a yellow base coat and just dry brushed up to an orange and eventually a shade of vermillion to get the fire effect. What you guys think?