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Being Healthy and Other Stuff That Matters (updated)

So a lot's happened this past month, very little of which has to do with my writing in general but has to do with me taking better care of myself so that I can be in a good enough space to write more consistently. In no particular order:

  • I got a full physical, complete with lab work and such. Turns out I might have liver issues. My doctor and I have a decent relationship and we're currently getting to the bottom of why my liver enzymes are elevated. I have an abdominal ultrasound next week. I'm not too worried, but it's been on my mind a lot. (UPDATE: turns out it's fatty liver. 1 in 5 people have it. nothing immediately dangerous and it's actually reversible. Basically, avoid too much alcohol, and continue losing weight. Doc said we could check it again in a year's time)
  • Started a strict, 2k calorie diet, on account of the whole liver thing and have lost a bit of weight because of it. I miss junk food and red meat, but I allow myself a sweet every now and again. This change seems sustainable enough to get me healthy and keep me there. ( UPDATE:  Five weeks ago I was 331.3,  as of 2/10/17 I'm 317.2, I've plateaued which means my body is finally beginning to burn fat. I'll be adding more exercise into my routine bit by bit, until it's a daily thing. Did a month with one workout day. Now for a month with two!)
  • I've taken up Krav Maga,  which might also have contributed to my weight loss thus far.  I love it! It reminds me of simpler times spent with my brothers, and every class makes me wonder if I wasn't meant to be a warrior poet. My instructor and my practice partners are regularly impressed with how quickly I grasp the technical aspect of it all, my punches have earned me a bit of a reputation, and I have found that I can take a fair amount of punishment. I often come out of class bruised, beaten, sweaty as hell, and with a smile on my face.
  •  I've developed a plan of sorts for earning a medal in my first painting competition. As of right now, I have a couple of months to impress my painting mentor. I intend to use that time. Once I show him what I've got, he'll tell me to fix it and that's where the real work will start, leaving me two more months before the comp. So by KublaCon, I should have something worthwhile.
  • I'm officially taking commissions for miniatures! It started when I volunteered to paint a pair of miniatures for an older couple wanting to get started with D&D. They loved the work so much they paid me for it. I then found myself painting a rat ogre for another customer who needed it painted up so he could play in the West Coast Quake. I got it to him in a day, he got his game in, and he decided to compensate me for the time. This type of thing kept repeating itself, so I figured I would make it official. I've got a pretty quick turn around for table ready miniatures, and no complaints thus far. Didn't think to take pictures of everything, but I did record the process of pinning and gap filling this spiffy looking Yeti for a friend.

  • I ended my D&D campaign and am in the midst of creating the world for the next one. My years- long plan of getting my players to gather the Gems of Fate and inadvertently unleash a demon army on the world finally came to fruition.  After beating the big bad demon king, he threw them into a magical portal and they arrived in a new world where everything is Aku demonic! It's unclear what their next move will be, but hopefully, I can make this world interesting.
  • In an effort to push games I like, I created a sticker at work...The idea quickly caught on. I'm more than a little proud of this. 
  • My wife finished reading the first draft of the Mercurial Chronicles. I'll be starting on the second draft soon, and hopefully finishing the next installment of The Songster's Tale. No deadline for either, as both are kind of on the back burner until I get some things in order.

A lot of crap came my way this month too. I don't like dwelling in it, so I won't go into detail but suffice to say that despite it all I'm persevering. There are dozens of reasons for me to be upset or sad, but I'm taking life one day at a time right now and hoping that's good enough. With any luck, things will turn around and you, my lovely friends and fans, will have something worth reading soon.


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