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New Year, Same Me

Hey, everyone, I'm back from the holidays but I'm still feeling like someone beat me over the head with a turkey flavored pine tree and tried drowning me in a pool of egg nog and champagne. . . Okay, not a very good turn of phrase, but whatever, I'm tired is what I'm trying to say so get off my back for not being clever enough to come up with a better way of saying that the holidays were hectic and somewhat exhausting. (and fun, they were fun too, but yeah...exhausting). Anyway, 2017 is now upon us, and apart from the obvious disaster that is our president-elect, I'm hopeful. I sincerely believe that I can make writing a solid habit from here on in, but I have concluded that something's gotta give. In other words, I'll be declaring the official death of some of my stories within the month. Now, before you grab your torch and pitchfork, try to understand just how hard it'll be for me to write ANYTHING while on the run...thank you.

If the stories you were interested in don't make the cut, I am sorry; but rest assured, I will be posting a full outline of all abandoned storylines so that all of you at least get a bit of closure.

In other news, I officially finished the first draft of the Season of Darkness/Mercurial Chronicles storyline. I got a lot of it done during NaNoWriMo (although I didn't finish that challenge), and I finished the rest just in time for Christmas, which was perfect because it was intended to be my wife's gift. She and I are currently working on said draft and after I smooth out some of the issues with it I'll be sharing the second draft with all the lovely folks who supported me while I wrote the first one.  It's coming, I swear! I'm also in the process of finishing the sequel to Amicus Curiae which I teased a few months ago so be on the lookout for more fantasy writing in the near future.

Given, however, that I'm currently working two jobs, and somehow running two separate campaigns, my posts will be as infrequent as ever. But ideally, they'll have more content than ever too. So please continue to bear with me as I stumble through the process of learning how to write regularly and beat my head against the wall long enough to figure out how to properly manage my time. It'll be worth it, I promise.

Oh! I've also decided that after four years of intermittently teaching myself how to paint, and little to no formal instruction, I'm going to start entering my miniatures into competitions. With my most recent miniature, I believe I have made the jump from a 5 to a 6. So, it's worth it to me to start networking and seeing where my skills ACTUALLY rank. Those awards aren't going to earn themselves after all.